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    The Lost City Of Dwarka Book

    Ancient Dwaraka sank in sea and hence is an important archaeological site. The first clear historical record of the lost city is dated A.D. and occurs in the . It would no longer be merely a book of myths and legends, but in fact, at least to. The Lost City of Dwarka by S. R. Rao, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. PDF | The coastal peninsula of Okhamandal in Gujarat, India is a popular pilgrimage destination, especially the holy city of Dwarka established.

    Glossary of terms. In search of truth. Location of ancient Dvaraka: Problems of underwater search: Discovery of submerged buildings of Dvaraka in the sea. Geophysical and manual surveys. Identification of submerged town as Dvaraka of Mahabharata period. A preliminary exploration of Prabhas-Somnath.

    The copper and bronze artifacts shed light on the metallurgy of that period. The onshore excavation yielded evidences for prehistoric settlements of 16th century BCE destroyed by the sea.

    Lost City of Dwarka Found

    The internal evidence from Mahabharata, Harivamsa, Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana has been used evaluate the underwater artifacts. The number of antiquities recovered from the sea in these expeditions is not large but the few that have been found provide information to reconstruct the history of Dvaraka. The inscriptions and the ceramic evidence suggest the signs inscriptions belong to about 15 to 14 century BCE.

    The author concludes that inscriptions indicate the worship of sea god Varuna. Two interesting sculptures found under water perhaps belonged to a temple, and one of the statue found is assigned to Rig-Vedic god Vishnu in Trivikrama form. But the date of the sculpture is not determined. In conclusion the evidence suggests that the site was inhabited from 18th century BCE and it is a contemporary site with neighboring Late Harappan towns such as Nageshwar, Prabhas and Rangpur.

    According to Mahabharata, Krishna knew that Dvaraka would be submerged in the sea and left with his family members. It is the realisation that the events of the Mahabharata that have been told and retold for centuries are based on actual events.

    Lord Krishna & The Lost City of Dwarka - Daiwik Hotels

    Dwarka is intimately connected to the life of Krishna, the powerful leader and statesman of the kingdom of Mathura and the story of his building a new kingdom. Krishna had killed his uncle Kansa who had usurped the throne from his father.

    This gained Krishna the enmity of Jarasandha the mighty king of Magadha. At this juncture Krishna took an unusual decision.

    Lost Cities of India: Dwarka and Indraprastha

    He felt that the Yadavas had suffered enough and he decided to take his people away to a new kingdom. Here at a place called Kushasthali, Krishna begged Samudra, the lord of the oceans to move away and give him the land for his new city.

    Samudra agreed and gave him twelve yojanas of land where Krishna built the magnificent city and port filled with palaces, temples, parks and lily pools. The Vishnu Purana carries many descriptions of the beauty of Dwarka that became prosperous through trade. The marine excavations prove that the city was swept away by a massive storm and now lies under the sea. The Mahabharata tells us how at the death of Krishna, Samudra swept back and claimed the land that he had given.

    This was witnessed by Arjuna and he saw fabulous Dwarka vanish forever.